Title Will this game still be coming to North America?
Written By bucketsofchubbs (166.♡.82.37)
Date 19-11-26 16:26


This game is really great!! I cannot afford a Playstation+ subscription, so I would like to thank everyone involved (GRUMPY/IGGYMOB/iBONG) as i really appreciate that you made this game with the free-play/free multi-player access model.

My question is._.
Will Dogfighter WW2 still have a release in the U.S?
I'd really like to get a physical copy with scenerio mode.

Again, thanks guys, for making a fun & challenging free2play game! Keep up the good work!

(also, will we see a return of  teamVS mode OR the alternate map with the canyon & buildings)

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DOGFIGHTER___\'s Comment

DOGFIGHTER IP 121.♡.185.67 Date

First of all, we really appreciate you liking the game! It means a lot to us.

Yes, the game will be released in North America in the coming February so look forward to it!
However, we won't be releasing a physical copy version but you can definitely purchase the DLC which unlocks scenario mode!

About the Team VS mode and usage of different maps will be announced in the future but as of right now, we can't say anything.

Thank you for your opinion and happy new year :)