Title Dogfighter ww2 ps4 for livestream
Written By MarvzNinds (152.♡.99.33)
Date 19-09-23 11:42


The Game name is not listed in games for streaming. Im ready to play live!

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DOGFIGHTER___\'s Comment

DOGFIGHTER IP 121.♡.185.67 Date


This is the manger of DOGFIGHTER -WW2-.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest for our game.

We have requested to have DOGFIGHTER -WW2- on twitch so we will let you know as soon as we get the answer.

Thank you so much again!

Trav1ce___\'s Comment

Trav1ce IP 174.♡.249.101 Date

PLEASE allow custom button mapping. This game looks so fun but my brain can't rework the control scheme I'm used to.

Korosenseioppa___\'s Comment

Korosenseioppa sub-comment IP 71.♡.1.198 Date

What’s wrong with the controls they seem fine to me very basic actually