Title How do I unlock Scenario Mode ?
Written By Closetman (99.♡.81.81)
Date 19-08-13 10:51


I just purchased the Korean physical release of Dogfighter WW2 and am confused to find that I can not play the single player Scenario Mode.

I do not have internet connection for my PS4 and knew I would miss-out on the Battle Royal mode, but I'm very confused why the Scenario Mode is locked.

How does Scenario Mode get unlocked?

I've really been looking forward to playing this :(

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Manager___\'s Comment

Manager IP 121.♡.185.67 Date

Hi custermer!!

This is the person in charge of DOGFIGHTER -WW2-.
Scenario mode can be unlocked only when there is connection because you will have to redeem the voucher code inside the package.
Please redeem the voucher code where you have internet access. Thank you.

Sebi___\'s Comment

Sebi sub-comment IP 24.♡.155.9 Date

I downloaded Dogfighter, so how would I get the voucher code, because I would like to try dogfighter scenario

GARETH JONES___\'s Comment

GARETH JONES sub-comment IP 89.♡.66.17 Date

i have bought a korean game but it does not reconise the scenario code as im playing it in europe ! Can i get a scenario code from somewhere please